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About Central Jersey Real Estate Investors


Central Jersey Real Estate Investors (CJREI for short) is an independent and local group of real estate investors that provides education, discussion, and networking. We are based in Monmouth County, down the Jersey Shore.

What to Expect

CJREI is not like some of the larger real estate investment groups you may have been to. We try to get to know you as an individual and have a genuine interest in your growth and development as an investor. We also favor discussions over pure lectures and promote an environment that fosters education and the development of relationships over the pitching and selling of programs, courses, boot camps, etc.


Our meetings include members of all experience levels. We have people with years of experience and other who have yet to do a single deal and are just trying to get themselves started by educating themselves and meeting others. A majority of our members however, while still relatively new to real estate investing, have already done at least one deal and are looking to do more.


After any announcements, our meetings formally begin with a brief introduction of all members. Feel free to keep it short if you're shy. We don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable. We like to introduce ourselves in order to help each other determine who is in the room that we might want to make a point of connecting with, either because we may be able to help them or they may be able to help us.


Each meeting then has a main topic, which often involves a guest speaker discussing a particular real estate investing niche or subject such as flipping, rentals, tax liens, mortgage notes, finding money for your deals, landlording, foreclosure auctions, accounting and legal issues, etc.


Some meetings also include a case study where a member of our group discusses an actual deal that they're in the midst of or have recently completed. This is a great opportunity to see how someone else was able to accomplish what you might be hoping to do yourself, learning from both their accomplishments and mistakes. Our case study presenters also have the chance to ask the group for help or ideas on dealing with any issues they may be currently struggling with.


Finally, our meetings will wrap up with either a group discussion about the topic at hand or logistical issues such as desired topics for future meetings, or simply allow for additional networking.

When & Where

CJREI meets on the last Thursday of each month, excluding holidays. We typically open the doors at 6:15PM to allow people to settle in and network freely amongst themselves. At 6:45 we make any needed announcements and then promptly begin with introductions. By 7:15 we segue into the main topic, which will generally last for about an hour. Afterwards members are invited to continue to network or to head home if they need to. We formally wrap up at 8:45 when our venue asks that we finish up so that they can go home themselves.


We are currently in the process of securing a new long-term location to hold our meetings. Click here for the most recent information about the status of our meeting location.

Good to Know

CJREI is an independent real estate investing group in Central New Jersey. We are not affiliated with any other group or association. For nearly two years there were no membership fees or annual dues required to attend our meetings. However, due to ongoing expenses associated with managing the group we began charging a small fee as of May 2017.

Further, there are no experience or residency requirements. If you have an interest in real estate investing, you're welcome at our meetings. Hopefully we can get to know you and help you to take the next step in your real estate investing career.  

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