About Our Speakers

Would you like to speak at one of our upcoming events? Perhaps you know someone who might make a good speaker. If so, we'd like to hear from you.


We're looking for quality speakers who are knowledgable in one or more areas of real estate investing. You don't even need to be local. If you're able to do a Skype video call you can present remotely. Our presentations are generally 45-60 minutes long.


Though we're open to other subject matters we're looking particulary for speakers to discuss the following topics and/or with the following backgrounds:

  • Foreclosure Auctions

  • Accounting for RE Investors

  • Experienced Flippers

  • Real Estate Attorneys

  • Property Management

  • Working with Private Lenders

  • Investing in Mobile Homes

  • Title Insurance

  • Modular Homes

  • Choosing Quality Contractors

  • Creative Financing

  • How to Analyze a Market

  • Land Trusts

  • Commercial Properties

  • Individual investors willing to share the details of their deals

  • How to Analyze a Property and Estimate Repair Costs/ARV

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Thank you for your interest in a speaking engagement with CJREI.

While we understand that some people may have different agendas, our objective in bringing on guest speakers is to provide quality educational content to our members. We ask then if you speak at one of our events that you please refrain from selling or actively promoting your programs, courses, books, services, etc.


Many of our previous speakers have sold products, made connections with group members and otherwise been able to benefit from the exposure generated by their speaking engagement; without actively promoting themselves. We believe that interpersonal relationships and shared knowledge come first and that business connections often flow naturally as a result.

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